narcissistic marriages


If narcissists don’t really want to commit…

Then why do they get married?

It’s a legitimate (yet misguided) question. 

Because when narcissists decide to get married, their behavior doesn’t change. 

They will still gaslight, minimize, belittle, and demean you. 

They will still flirt with other people, hide their phone, or be unfaithful.

Even if we think (or hope) that getting married will make them “grow up” or “learn to commit”…

It doesn’t. 

In fact – narcissistic relationships often get worse after marriage. 

Because then… they “have” you.

You become a sure thing – a captive audience of one for their narcissistic supply.

They no longer have to work for anything, since all the niceties of a relationship are assumed in a marriage.

And if you don’t meet their unrealistic expectations – they can guilt trip you into feeling like a “bad spouse” or “inattentive husband” or “nagging wife”.

So even though they don’t treat you any better…

They might still want to get married because it:

Meets cultural expectations

Looks good to the church

Makes them appear like a committed person

Portrays the right “image” to society

Has financial or work-related benefits

So if you’re thinking marriage is the answer to your relationship problems – STOP!

Marriage only expands what’s already there. And with a narcissist… things will only get worse.

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