dating red flags

Dating should be a time of reflection and of getting to know one another –

It’s a time to WATCH for red flags – not ignore them.

And yet sometimes we’re so focused on this person being THE person…

We’re willing to overlook, downplay, or flat out dismiss our gut feelings.

So here’s a list of potential red flags that should be thoughtfully & intentionally watched for.

🚩Red flags that you should notice about your dating partner include:

-Asking to move in or get engaged too quickly

-Talking about themselves all the time

-Being dismissive of your emotions

-Getting angry when you share a request (big or small)

-When they say, “you always make me feel bad”, in response to you setting a boundary or expressing your needs

-Any type of name-calling or insults, even if it’s only during arguments

-Always shifting blame or not taking personal responsibility

-They only bring up their “issues with you” when you express your concerns about their behavior

-Feeling a super intense initial attraction that you “can’t really explain” (this is often the start of a trauma bond relationship)

-Saying an insult or putting you down (and then saying “just kidding” or “it was just a joke”)

-Demeaning you and then laughing about it

-Saying I love you too quickly

-They’re always a victim in their stories of their past relationships (it’s never they’re fault)

-They make excuses for lots of things (not being on time, not listening because they had a bad day or were stressed, etc.)

-Selfish/childish behavior

Although these red flags don’t *always* point toward a narcissist, they are something to be aware of and watched closely to see if it continues or improves –

Otherwise you could end up in a toxic relationship and that cycle is very difficult to break.

What other red flags would you add to the list?

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