We should be looking *much* more closely at someone’s actions than their words.

People can say anything they want.

We use the same process (speaking) to tell both a truth and a lie.

Many people become overwhelmed with trying to decipher what’s healthy or unhealthy, especially in relationships. 

They ask questions like:

But how can I tell if he really means it this time?
What if their apology is sincere now, and I don’t believe them?
Everything she says seems so genuine. Could she really be a narcissist?

Your FIRST clue that someone is lying: you feel more confused than clear after speaking with them.

If your body is consistently giving you feelings of anxiety, uneasiness, or tension: listen!

Your body often knows before your mind is willing to accept.

The SECOND best way to judge someone’s honesty: watch their behavior.

If they say they love you, but dismiss, belittle, or gaslight you – believe them.

If they say they want to make things work, but don’t consistently follow through – believe them.

If they promise it won’t happen again, but you find ways they “accidentally” keep breaking your trust – believe them.

Their actions were telling you the truth the whole time. 

You just have to (watch) and listen.

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