Walking away from or setting boundaries with toxic people is difficult enough on its own.

But add in flying monkeys?

And it can feel near impossible. 

You see, narcissists can only survive if people believe their lies and manipulations.

That’s why they’re often very skilled at being charming, charismatic, or likable.

And there are some people who take supporting the narcissist to whole other level.

These are the people who are not only fooled by the narcissist’s lies…

They also advocate for the narcissist’s version of “the truth”.

These people who run around doing the narcissist’s “bidding” are termed “flying monkeys”.

And they can be just as insidious and dangerous as the narcissist themself.

Here’s what happens:

You get the feeling that something is “off” with this person (i.e., the narcissist).

They (flying monkeys) tell you you’re being ridiculous.

You get frustrated with the narcissist’s lack of consistency.

They tell you to stop being so judgmental.

You want to set boundaries and walk away.

They tell you you’re unforgiving and have too high of standards.

You DO walk away and start to heal.

They tell everyone around you that YOU are the one to blame and the narcissist is the victim.

Bottom line: you can be *sure* that where there’s a narcissist – there are several flying monkeys.

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