Toxic relationships are shrouded in a thick cloud of confusion, anxiety, and feelings of “not enough”.

The narcissist’s consistent and insidious acts of belittling, criticizing, contempt, and mockery slowly erode your self-worth like a poisonous gas.

And your mind, body, and heart aren’t the only things affected by this darkness…

Sleep becomes a mix of tossing and turning, insomnia, and dragging yourself out of bed.

Things you used to enjoy lose their appeal.

The world seems more dangerous and people in general less trustworthy.

You become more suspicious, more watchful, and more hyper-vigilant.

And at the same time, less focused, less present, and less engaged.

Toxic relationships are just that: toxic.

And when you “ingest” toxicity, you get sick – from the inside, out.

The picture I’ve painted here is intense and dark… but real.

This isn’t a post about how to heal from these relationships (although healing is absolutely possible).

It’s a sobering reminder not to dismiss or overlook just how harmful toxicity is in all its forms.

If you’ve experienced this, you know exactly what it feels like.

To you I say: you are stronger than you realize! Never let others define your reality or tell you it “wasn’t that bad” because you weren’t physically abused.

And if you haven’t experienced toxic relationships…

To you I say: I hope you never do! But please realize that psychological abuse leaves real scars too, so never diminish abuse that you can’t see.

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Chelsey Brooke Cole is a psychotherapist, best-selling author, speaker, and coach specializing in narcissistic abuse and relational trauma. Praised as "Enlightening and Empowering" Chelsey's new book, If Only I'd Known! How to Outsmart Narcissists, Set Guilt-Free Boundaries, and Create Unshakeable Self-Worth is available wherever books are sold.

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