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You don’t have to wonder for too long what a narcissist is up to. 

Because even though they can be skilled at manipulation and deceit –

They can’t stop themselves… from being themselves. 

Which means they will continue to:



And Redirect.

During your conversations with them –

Whatever issue they continually DEFLECT…

Whatever bad behavior or betrayal they PROJECT and accuse you of…

And whatever disagreement you can never resolve because they constantly REDIRECT the conversation…

THESE are the points to pay attention to. 

Narcissists are always living a double life.

So they remain slightly paranoid that they will be “found out”.

Which is why they’re so intent on distracting you, gaslighting you, and confusing you.

But what they DON’T say… is even more telling than what they DO say.

Stay aware of the “deflect, project, and redirect” tactic and you’ll be well on your way to uncovering the truth!

Have you ever noticed narcissists engaging in these behaviors?

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