Sometimes in relationships, we get in the habit of minimizing rude or insensitive comments.

We think:

“Oh I’m sure he didn’t really mean that.”
“She’s just having a bad day.”
“Everyone says things they regret when they’re mad.”

But do you know what those so-called “small” incidents do to you over time?

Feeling consistently ignored, invalidated, or dismissed takes a toll on your self-esteem and self-worth.

Little by little, you start to:

Minimize your feelings
Deny your own truth
Ignore your gut

And if you do this for long enough, one day, you’ll look up and realize just how disconnected you are from the person you once were.

And this is exactly how (and why) psychological abuse is so insidious and harmful.

It happens before you even realize it.

Nothing is insignificant if given enough time.

Especially when it comes to the way you’re treated in relationships.

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