Smear campaigns aren’t as simple as the narcissist just spreading lies about you. 

Narcissists are masters of manipulation. 

They have a method… a way in which they say things… so people begin to question what they really know about you. 

Narcissists tell half-truths, use things people already know about you and twist it against you. 

They attempt to ruin your credibility and believability. 

So that people begin to question themselves and think… “maybe he (or she) really did do all those bad things”.

Narcissists are RELENTLESS about trying to get people on their side. 

Even if it’s been months or years since your breakup with them…

Narcissists KEEP the chaos alive by continuing to tell people how you:

>Abused them

>Betrayed them

>Victimized them

(Basically all the things they did to you.) 

Narcissistic smear campaigns are a mix of:



Victim blaming.



Which is why untangling the truth from this mess can feel incredibly daunting and overwhelming.

You begin to wonder who you can even trust.

Or who believes what.

Or what someone really thinks of you.

Or if you’re still welcome in certain circles (like church or friend groups).

And all of this destroys your sense of safety and ability to move freely in the world.

It hurts that people who once knew you now act like they don’t.

Or treat you differently or look at you suspiciously because they aren’t sure who to believe.

When all you wanted to do was put the narcissistic relationship behind you… And heal.

But instead, you have to continue explaining yourself because the narcissist won’t stop talking bad about you.

Smear campaigns can be excruciatingly painful…

And often serve as one of the last, most treacherous ways a narcissist tries to steal your reality and harm your soul.

Have you ever suffered because of a narcissistic smear campaign?

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