narcissistic abuse

Narcissists are on the hunt for people with specific behaviors and traits. 

This is because their difficult and antagonistic personalty style means that they’re not very “agreeable” or “easy going”. 

So they need certain types of people around them in order to behave the way they want to…

And to gain the validation they need to survive. 

Here’s a quick list of behaviors and patterns that make someone a “perfect candidate” for a narcissist to prey upon.

They look for people who:

Don’t have strong boundaries. 

Want to avoid conflict.

Are overly focused on keeping the peace.

Give lots of second chances.

Make excuses or justifications for bad behavior. 

Aren’t willing to walk away from relationships.

Second-guess or question themselves a lot.

And you become even more likely to (unintentionally) make space for toxic people if you were:

Raised by a narcissistic parent.

Abused or neglected as a child.

Taught that firm boundaries were selfish.

Praised for being a people-pleaser.Discouraged from listening to your intuition.

Can you relate to any of these?

Which behavior or belief do you think leaves you most open to allowing narcissistic individuals in your life?

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