I’ve been spending a lot of time in quiet contemplation lately. I haven’t really been able to express why or even have an answer to people’s “are you OK?” questions. I just knew I needed quiet time and wanted to reduce outside stimulation, opinions, and interactions. 

Have you ever experienced this? It’s a strange feeling – to have quiet nudgings of what you need, but to not really be able to explain it to others. This happens when an introvert has gone too long without getting the proper amount of solitude and peace.

Sometimes introvert overwhelm creeps up on us and takes refuge in the depths of who we are. It silently and ever so slightly numbs us to the outside world and ultimately to being in tune with ourselves. 

We find ourselves at a loss for words on what we think, how we feel, or even what to wear. It’s like our minds shut down at the slightest hint of decision-making.

We’re tapped out and the only way to get back to ourselves is to wander in our own thoughts. 

An introvert’s inner world is a haven of safety and rest. It must be cultivated, nurtured, and cared for just like our physical bodies.

Much like our bodies shut down if we go too long without rest, our minds also need a “break” from running all day.

We wouldn’t go days without sleep (at least I wouldn’t advise it) so we shouldn’t expect our minds to go days, weeks, or months without consistent and concentrated periods of seclusion.

Today, tomorrow, or this week find a time to roam around and get lost in your thoughts.

You might just find it’s the best place to find yourself.

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