Relationships can be the source of much joy and much grief, especially for those of us who desire to be understood and known, yet left alone at the same time.

We may worry about what to say or how to spark the interest of another, while at the same time being fiercely protective of our space and wondering how to secure enough alone time.

Regardless of our struggles, there’s one very important point to remember when it comes to dating and relationships: you do not need to change who you are, what you like, or how you think to achieve any relationship goal or to be more likable, approachable, or open.

Although we may need to learn certain skills or strategies for accurately portraying our true selves, this can all be done by utilizing and capitalizing on our natural strengths.

But before we can even begin to build healthy relationships with others, we have to set a firm foundation for ourselves. And that means digging deep and knowing, embracing, and radiating who we are and what we bring to the world.

YOU are the most important relationship you will ever have!

No matter who enters or exits your life, you will be there.

You never need to wonder about your strengths or doubt your worth or question your abilities. You have been given a beautiful gift – to see, hear, and understand things that others never even consider.

You see how all the pieces fit together, while others don’t stop long enough to see the final masterpiece.

You show compassion when others act rashly. You see authenticity where others see outcasts.

You have an amazing ability to see the world in slow motion and to truly relish every single second of it.

Your beauty is not in being like everyone else – but in being just the opposite.

Always remember that.

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