All narcissists engage in predictable behavioral and emotional patterns.


The look and feel of each narcissist is NOT the same.

And if you aren’t aware of the different types…

You could easily overlook someone’s narcissistic patterns simply because it doesn’t match what you *think* narcissism looks like.

So here are the 6 different types of narcissists with a few key differences:

1. Grandiose Narcissist

-Very showy, arrogant, and overly confident
-Usually charming, charismatic, talkative, and extroverted
-The “stereotypical” narcissist

2. Covert Narcissist

-Can appear depressed, down on their luck, or anxious
-Feels very “victimy” as if nothing ever goes their way
-Uses guilt-trips and passive aggressiveness to manipulate others

3. Communal Narcissist

-Seeks supply for being known as a “philanthropist” or extremely generous
-Always wants to be noticed for their “good works”
-Can show empathy for global issues (i.e., world hunger, poverty, etc.) but is degrading or belittling to those closest to them


4. Self-Righteous Narcissist

-Obsessed with being morally or religiously right
-Very judgmental and hypocritical
-Uses religion to shame others

5. Neglectful Narcissist

-Acts as if they barely notice you’re there
-You feel invisible and irrelevant to them
-One of the most overlooked types of narcissism because of their lack of overtly obvious grandiosity or bravado

6. Malignant Narcissist

-Most closely related to the psychopath
-Extremely vindictive and sadistic
-Can be paranoid and obsessed with avenging real or perceived slights

Have you ever encountered any of these narcissists?

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