Neglectful narcissists don’t look like the “typical” narcissist.

There’s not much of a love bombing phase.

They aren’t overly jealous or intent on getting your attention.

They just aren’t really “there” at all.

So while grandiose narcissists are actively devaluing, criticizing, and demeaning you…

Neglectful narcissists are ignoring, dismissing, and undervaluing you in subtle, passive-aggressive ways.

You often feel:


Because they don’t just make you feel misunderstood or invalidated…

They make you feel invisible.

As if no one cares.

And no one noticies you at all.

So that no matter what you do –

Nothing works.

The harm from neglectful narcissists can be especially intense.

Because you don’t get to have the argument or the honeymoon phase.

You often just get – silence.

Blank stares.

Flat smiles.

Hollow conversations.

Annoyed glances.

Distant looks.

Resounding scoffs.

Contemptuous snarls.


If you’ve often felt that you experienced all the narcissistic “lows”…

But never quite resonated with the narcissistic “highs” (like love bombing)…

It’s quite possible you’ve experienced the neglectful narcissist.

Can you relate to any of these experiences?

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