When you’re being gaslighted, you initially think it’s a matter of evidence. 

“Once I can PROVE my point, this will be resolved.”

“Maybe they just don’t remember what happened. I’ll show them the text messages, then they’ll understand.”

“Once I show them proof that they’re lying, they’ll HAVE to explain themselves.’

But, what we so often painfully find out, is that it was never about lack of knowledge or proof. 

Because even after we PROVE – with solid, irrefutable evidence – that what we’re saying is true…

The narcissist STILL denies it!

And THEN makes it about how we’re:





INSTEAD of admitting to their faults. 

Narcissists will let you think you’re “going insane” before they will validate your reality.

They will continue to deny, distort, and dismantle the truth.

So before you spend countless hours trying to:





Your side… please accept this hard truth: narcissists DO NOT care about the evidence.

Have you ever experienced this with a narcissist?

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