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Did you know narcissists are REALLY loyal? 

It’s true! 

They’re always standing up for, defending, and agreeing with…


Narcissists are loyal to what best serves THEM at any given moment. 

Which means they can’t be loyal to another person because at some point…

What someone else wants might contradict what THEY want. 

And they will ALWAYS choose themselves. 

Loyalty is one of the biggest ways narcissists show their hypocrisy. 

Because narcissists DEMAND loyalty – but give NONE.

It’s NEVER a two-way street with a narcissist. 

It’s a one-way street that leads to a dead end. 

They will not return your kindness with kindness.

They will not give you grace since you gave them grace.

They will not stay true just because you stayed true.

They are NOT thinking about your perspective or point of view.

They aren’t concerned if the relationship is out of balance.

They don’t appreciate that you gave up everything for them.

They will TAKE as much as you will GIVE.

And nothing you do will make them more loyal.

You can’t give them “enough” to make them SEE your worth.

They always want more.

Have you ever experienced a narcissist’s disloyalty?

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