narcissistic abuse

Narcissists don’t seek to BUILD self-worth. They seek to GAIN narcissistic supply. 

Here’s why that difference is so significant:

Self-worth seeks what’s best for ALL – narcissistic supply seeks what’s best for ME.

Self-worth is an INTERNAL process that comes from BEING who we say we are.

People with strong self-worth don’t need to make anyone feel “less than” or “better than” because they feel secure, calm, and stable in themselves.

Narcissistic supply is an EXTERNAL process that focuses on USING others for personal gain.

Narcissistic supply is an attempt to feel “better than” by sourcing people for what they can provide.

Narcissists try to regulate their emotions and self-esteem by gathering validation, attention, and admiration like a squirrel gathers food for the winter.

They need to “store it up” as “proof” that they’re a good person or good enough.

When they can gather plenty of attention (i.e., supply) they feel GOOD and become GRANDIOSE. 

But when the harvest is scarce… narcissists start to feel like they’re starving.

And this lack of supply makes them feel BAD and become VULNERABLE.

This is part of the reason their emotions and mood states are so erratic and unpredictable.

They only feel GOOD when they’re making someone else feel BAD.

And that kind of all-or-nothing mentality is unbalanced, unstable, and destined to self-implode.

Has a narcissist ever attempted to use you as a source of narcissistic supply?

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