narcissistic abuse

Narcissists often seem “out of touch” with reality. 

And this isn’t just because of their gaslighting and denial. 

It’s also because they can be incredibly delusional! 

The most obvious way you see this is through their “delusions of grandeur”.

They think they’re:

Better than

Smarter than

More capable than

More special than 

Everyone else! 

They have such an inflated sense of self that you don’t really get to know THEM – you get to know their IMAGE. 

They also believe that because of this “specialness” a lot of people can’t understand them. 

Most grandiose narcissists show their delusions through “arrogant entitlement”. 

You’ll hear them talk about how “everyone” wants to date them or be with them.

How their ex’s are so crazy and still “obsessed” with them.

And how people are so “jealous” of them and their incredible successes.

Most vulnerable narcissists show their delusions through “victimized entitlement”.

You’ll hear them say how lots of people just don’t “get them” or truly appreciate how amazing and talented they are.

How “if only” they would’ve been given a chance, they could’ve been the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

And how people from their past “did them wrong” even though they were perfect.

Although you might not pick up on a narcissist’s delusions at first… just keep listening.

The stories get bigger.

The tales get taller.

The lies get bolder.

Over time, things don’t add up. And the dots just don’t connect.

Have you ever noticed how delusional narcissists can be?

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