How can you tell if you’re in a relationship with a *toxic* person (and need to run away immediately)

Or a *dysfunctional* person? 

I believe many times we end up tolerating toxic relationships because we aren’t sure where the line is. 

We think things like:

We can work this out.
I’m sure they’ll mature with time.
They probably just don’t know any better.
They’re a really good person, they just have some rough edges.

But there’s a BIG difference between toxic or abusive and dysfunctional.

Toxic or abusive people:

Lie consistently
Manipulate you or your reality
Make you feel like you’re “going crazy”
Tell you to “stop being so sensitive; toughen up; you’re just overthinking it”
Try to control your actions or feelings

Dysfunctional people:

Struggle to know their own feelings
Lack effective communication skills
Haven’t practiced self-reflection (but are capable of it)
May be stuck repeating certain behaviors in order to “keep themselves safe” bc they grew up in emotionally and/or physically abusive homes

The BIGGEST difference here:

When a dysfunctional person learns better, they do better. 

Their miscommunication isn’t due to their desire to control & manipulate you…

But simply because they don’t know or haven’t practiced healthy communication.

Bottom line: it’s never your job to “fix” anyone – dysfunctional or toxic

People who want to change, do.

People who want to control you, find a way to keep you around so they can *keep* controlling you.

Know your dealbreakers, hold your boundaries, and be willing to walk away from situations that do not have your best interest at heart! 

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