You know that feeling when you have something to say…but you’re not sure how to say it?

It’s like you know boundaries need to be set…but you’re not sure how to set them.

You have so much you need to express…but you can’t form it into words.

This is how it can feel being in a toxic or narcissistic relationship.

Narcissists have a way of stealing your voice. Their constant manipulation, gaslighting, and invalidation makes your head foggy as if you can never quite think straight.

It’s like you’re in an emotional straight jacket – and the longer you stay silent, the heavier you feel.

But to find your voice is to find your way out!

Which is why it’s imperative that you learn to know and speak your truth!

Narcissists can steal a lot of things…your time, contentment, self-belief, and peace.

But the minute you STOP believing the gaslighting and START listening to your truth…is the moment you take a step toward empowerment and healing.

Even if, for now, it’s only in your own mind…that is enough. You don’t even have to speak your boundaries initially.

It can be a silent “no” or “I don’t agree” or “that’s not true”. As long as you whisper it to yourself…you’re starting to get your voice back.

And over time, you can make these boundaries known. And eventually, you might even decide to leave the relationship entirely.

But whether you stay or go, you need to know that YOUR VOICE… matters!

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Chelsey Brooke Cole is a psychotherapist, best-selling author, speaker, and coach specializing in narcissistic abuse and relational trauma. Praised as "Enlightening and Empowering" Chelsey's new book, If Only I'd Known! How to Outsmart Narcissists, Set Guilt-Free Boundaries, and Create Unshakeable Self-Worth is available wherever books are sold.

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