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When you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you getting sick or injured WON’T get you sympathy – 

Narcissists view your illnesses as an inconvenience and annoyance. 

Because if you’re sick, you can’t meet their supply needs. 

You won’t be able to do for them what they want or expect.

Remember, narcissists lack empathy – 

They’re NOT putting themselves in your shoes, thinking about how they would want to be treated, or remembering all the times that you were there for them.

They’re noticing how much more “needy” you are, which activates their contempt for basic human needs and emotions.

It’s not unheard of when you’re sick for narcissists to:

> Leave or threaten divorce

> Be extra critical or contemptuous

> Minimize your illness/symptoms

> Tell you to “stop faking it”

> Be angry with you

> Ask how you could do this to THEM

This can sound really harsh and difficult to hear –

But it’s important that you get this up front so you’re not completely blindsided when it happens.

Because sometimes people stay in toxic relationships based on the *hope* that a crisis or illness will finally bring the narcissist back to their senses –

Or will repair the relationship in some way because it’ll bring you two back together.

But that’s not how a narcissist works.

They don’t want to compromise, collaborate, or comfort you.

If you can’t consistently rely on the narcissist to be caring and supportive during the good times…

They certainly won’t be there when times are tough.

Focus on getting support from empathetic, compassionate people and focusing on your own healing.

Have you been sick or had an illness when you were with a narcissist? How did they respond?

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