Narcissists of any kind can be incredibly damaging.

But when the narcissist is someone you don’t expect it to be…

They can cause even more harm, in less time, and still gain sympathy from others.

And this is EXACTLY the case when dealing with narcissistic women.

We have the expectation that women (generally) should be:


And many women are all of these things and much more…

Narcissistic women (in true narcissistic fashion) use all of these assumptions to their advantage.

MANY men have been destroyed by narcissistic women.

Yet we’re still hesitant to talk about it or believe it.

However, we can’t escape the fact that narcissism in women is on the rise.

And the extent to which they’ll go to get what they want can be downright disturbing.

Narcissistic women have been known to:

>Claim they were emotionally or physically abused by a male partner to gain sympathy
>Use their sexuality to play on a man’s emotions
>Play the “single mother” card to manipulate a man into doing what they want
>Destroying their ex’s reputation by calling them the “abuser” or “cheater”

They will claim to be innocent, unassuming, and helpless.


What narcissists claim OTHERS have done to them.

Is actually what the NARCISSIST is guilty of.

This is called projection and it’s a common manipulative tactic used by narcissists.

Bottom line:

Never automatically assume that a break-up, conflict, or issue is the man’s fault.

There are MANY kind, compassionate, loyal men who have been manipulated, used, and devastated by narcissistic women.

A person’s ACTIONS ALWAYS tell the real story.

Have you ever encountered a narcissistic woman? How do you think they’re different than narcissistic men?

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