Narcissists gain power by labeling your confusion.

Here’s what happens…

They seem likable and charming (at first).

So, naturally, you start to trust them and your defenses come down.

Slowly, they start gaslighting you, making you second guess yourself, your reactions, and your reality.

As you feel more confused, you trust yourself and your judgment less and less.

At this point, the narcissist starts labeling your confusion, telling you that you’re just overthinking and being too “sensitive, overdramatic, suspicious, etc.”

Maybe at first you resist this – but slowly, they wear you down –

Because you can’t make sense of things and at least they have an explanation for why you’re feeling so “off”.

And just like that – you’ve unknowingly allowed the narcissist to become your voice of reason.

You become more and more dependent upon the narcissist for understanding & guidance.

And this further confuses you and pushes you into a place of worthlessness.

Narcissists seek to gain power by having a “reason” or “explanation” for everything.

This is why knowing YOUR truth is so empowering!

Once YOU are your voice of reason – you never give that power to someone else.

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