“Trauma” isn’t limited to physical violence, war zones, or natural disasters.

Trauma can happen in our homes –

In our workplaces –

In our culture –

It happens in the way we’re talked to, treated, and communicated with.

Emotional trauma is what happens when you feel consistently unsafe, demeaned, ignored, or belittled in your relationships.

It’s the father who’s always criticizing and talking down to his daughter.

It’s the mother who’s constantly ignoring and demeaning her son.

It’s the teacher who yells, the grandmother who punishes through guilt, and the aunt who treats her own kids better than you.

These “small” interactions and behaviors, if repeated over time, can lead to long-term effects.

Untreated emotional trauma can look like:

>Always feeling anxious, hyper vigilant, and on edge
>Sacrificing what’s healthy for you to meet someone else’s expectations
>Having flashbacks or triggers to the traumatic events
>Not being able to focus or concentrate
>Feeling confused, overwhelmed, or foggy
>Becoming easily agitated when things don’t go to plan
>Excessive self-blame that leads to negative rumination
>Never feeling good enough

Although these effects can feel debilitating and stifling, you can move forward into a healthier you!


With the right help and support, you can begin to see:

1. How you were impacted by the trauma(s)
2. What beliefs you still hold about yourself, others, and the world because of those experiences
3. What changes you want to make
4. How to meet your needs in a healthier way
5. How to feel safe in relationships and choose healthy people to be around

Have you ever experienced emotional trauma? What impact did it have on you?

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