Would you know if you were talking to a narcissist?

While it takes time to observe patterns to truly identify a toxic person –

There are definitely clues along the way!

Here are 5 signs that you’re talking to a narcissist:

1. They’re either the perpetual victim or always “amazing”

Narcissists are exceptionally skilled at making the conversation all about them.

Whether they’re telling you incessantly about their successes or sharing how life is always unfair – the conversation always finds a way to flow back to being all about them.

2. They talk bad about other people (directly or subtly).

Narcissists always have someone on their hit list.

If the person you’re talking to is consistently talking bad about someone else – be warned. You could be next!

3. You feel ignored or unheard.

Narcissists don’t really listen – they wait for their turn to speak.

They seem to “zone out” when you share about you, even if they’ve just ranted for 45 mins about their favorite sport.

4. You leave the conversation feeling drained.

When you’re talking to a narcissist, you often feel like you’re in a vortex that’s slowly pulling you in.

You’re either talking about them, complimenting them, listening to them, comforting them, praising them…

So when the conversation finally ends – you feel exhausted!

5. They’re always “one-upping” you.

Narcissists can’t stand to be outdone.

If you share something great – they’ll share something greater.

If you’ve had a bad day – they’ve had the worst day of their life.

To put it simply, their motto is: “anything you can do I can do better”!

Now that you know the signs, have you found yourself caught in a conversation with a narcissist?

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