8 Weeks.

 3 Principles.

   1 Amazing Life.


8 Weeks.

3 Principles.

1 Amazing Life.

unleash your true potential.

“Start living the life you were meant to live. Uncover your purpose, your unique gifts and talents and live life with passion and meaning!

-Chelsey Brooke


Do You…

Feel like you’re living life on autopilot?

Wish you knew your passion with absolute clarity?

Wonder if you’re really capable of creating the life you want?

Feel lost on where to start?

Then you’re in the right place! 

Apply for Chelsey’s One-on-One YourPath Intensive


Discover Your Passion

Know with 100% clarity your true purpose and calling

Develop Self-Belief 

Feel confident and self-assured about who you are and your ability to achieve a life you love

Cultivate A Success Mindset

Master the mindset strategies and success habits needed to overcome your fears, squash negative self-talk, and own your life 


Week 1 & 2

As introverts, we’re often told that something is wrong with us – from the way we communicate, to our love of being home to our disdain for small talk – we consistently receive the message that we’re broken, weird, or different. With this type of feedback, it’s easy to develop a misunderstanding of who you are. You learn to “make do” with your job because you assume there will always be aspects you don’t like and you just have to get over it. When you don’t know exactly what you want, distractions will determine your fate. Uncovering and exploring what your true passion is (and trust me, you do have one), is the first step to getting out of your mundane routine and beginning your path toward true freedom and success (exactly how YOU define it).


  • Find out what you were meant to do with your life, even if you have no clue what you want
  • Get crystal clear on your values and make sure you create a life that’s authentically you
  • Recognize the emotional and mental blocks that have been holding you back
  • Learn the hidden reasons you haven’t succeeded up to this point
  • Solidify your passion and gain absolute clarity on what you want to achieve in your life
Week 3 & 4

Too many times introverts give up before they even start, all because they don’t believe it’s possible for them. Our tendency to overthink mixed with our desire for perfectionism leaves us feeling overwhelmed, drained, and paralyzed to move forward. Creating self-belief in who you are and what you’re capable of gives you the confidence and self-assuredness to take your dreams from vision to reality.


  • Gain insight into how you ended up where you are & build the confidence to get what you want
  • Uncover the surprising ways you’ve been holding yourself back from achieving success
  • Discover common introvert myths and what’s actually going on when you feel out of place or misunderstood
  • Learn the secret ways your introversion is an absolute advantage in creating the life you were meant to live
  • Develop a completely new mindset about who you are and what you can achieve
  • Discover a simple way to concisely explain your strengths and advocate for what you want (while staying true to who you are)
  • Learn exactly what you need to keep your energy levels up and to create an environment where you thrive
Week 5 & 6

Although we’re all unique individuals, introverts often experience similar setbacks or emotional blocks because of the way we think and process the world around us. All of our so-called “disadvantages” have our strengths embedded in them as well. But without knowing how to work with your brain or how to reframe these traits into strengths, you can easily find yourself fighting against your very own nature. When you cultivate the right mindset, you learn exactly how to become a more successful version of yourself and discover the mindset strategies used by the most successful introverts to create a life that’s authentically you.

Part 1 

  • Get expert advice on how to incorporate the latest mindset success strategies in a way that works with your introverted temperament
  • Learn the mindset strategies and daily habits needed to achieve your ideal lifestyle
  • Find out how to eliminate wasted time and how to take control of your schedule
  • Learn the simple method used by the most successful to make your morning routine efficient and stress-free
  • Learn what habits you absolutely must develop to create the life you want (and exactly how to make them stick)
  • Learn the pitfalls and negative habits that will keep you from achieving your dreams
Week 7 & 8

Part 2

  • Understand how your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs are killing your dreams
  • Learn the easiest ways to spot negative self-talk and stop it in its tracks
  • Uncover your specific triggers for negative thinking and what to do about them
  • Learn the limiting beliefs that will keep you where you are (and how to avoid them)
  • Learn the surprising way your brain may be sabotaging your success
  • Understand the role of fear in your motivation, procrastination, & ultimate success
  • Learn the latest mindset strategies for overcoming fears & doubts
  • Strengthen your resiliency and learn how to overcome any obstacle or setback

Why The Pathfinder?

Living your most passionate and purposeful life takes so much more than simply knowing your interests.  You have to know your ideal lifestyle, your goals, your values, your beliefs about what makes a successful life… You need to know your most authentic and purposeful path – the one that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning – the one where you know you’re making a difference in exactly the way you were meant to.  This is why I’m known as The Pathfinder – I help you uncover your most genuine and authentic life path. The one you and ONLY you were meant to live!




Find out what you were MEANT to do with your life, even if you have no clue what you want

Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your values and make sure you create a life that’s AUTHENTICALLY you



Feel the joy that comes from creating a life and routine you LOVE. Feel confident and self-assured in exactly who you were created to be. Feel the sense of freedom that can be yours as soon as you decide that you are absolutely capable of anything and everything you set your mind to. Where you are tomorrow, next month, next year, and ten years from now will be determined by what you do… today. Each seemingly insignificant choice adds up to create the life you live. You know you’re meant to be doing so much more than you are right now. You have a dream, a vision, and a goal burning inside of you, waiting to be explored and set free. Give yourself permission to be, do and have everything you’ve always wanted. You’re always just one choice away from the life you want.




Throughout this process, Chelsey will be there to help guide you to the life you’ve dreamed of every step of the way!

You’ll have access to Chelsey’s personal cell phone number where you can reach out to her at anytime.

Chelsey is only a TEXT or CALL away!



Chelsey brings  EXPERIENCED and authentic guidance to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Chelsey uses her INSIGHTFUL knowledge about introverts and success strategies to help you uncover your true purpose and passion in life.

Chelsey is super FOCUSED on helping you set meaningful, achievable goals and mapping out a way to help you make those a reality.

Chelsey helps you get REAL with who you are and what you want.

If you’re ready to start your journey, apply today!

“It doesn’t matter where you start or how messy your life seems – the ONLY thing that matters is what you choose RIGHT NOW.”

-Chelsey Brooke

What are people saying about Chelsey?

“When it comes to coaching, there are loads of coaches who talk a good game, but Chelsey will help you achieve your goals with enthusiasm! Chelsey has helped me to find the confidence to achieve my own business goals. In addition to her sweet nature, she has a calm and logical method which truly connects and inspires.”

Brittney Usrey

Founder, FlyGirl Box

“Chelsey is so easy to talk to! She is perceptive, knowledgeable, and wise beyond her years. She is, without a doubt, an asset to our field.”

Dr. Nancy Bertuleit, Ed.D, LPCC, RPT-S

Professional Counselor & Former Director of the Green River Regional Crisis Recovery Team

“One thing I noticed when I first met Chelsey was that she only speaks when necessary. Her quiet nature is inviting and me coming from a very large family that are all “talkers”, she is patient and a good listener – and for that she stands out in a good way. There’s a difference between hearing and listening, and she not only “hears” you, but she actually listens! She looks at all diagonals of the topic and finds solutions with patience and understanding.”

Natasha Cole

Founder, Cole Photography

“Chelsey is a wonderful person, a good listener and her patience level is awesome. She listens carefully, understandably, and then she gives a good and thoughtful response. She has an empathetic and compassionate nature. “


Masters Student

“Chelsey truly understands your needs and is truly an amazing listener. She puts your best interest at heart! She is truly God sent. I love her approach. She is great! I would definitely recommend her services! She takes her time and does not rush the process. She’s very fair & flexible as well.”

Janet M.

Consultant, Paparazzi Accessories

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