Trauma bonds occur when we’re emotionally attached to someone who isn’t good for us.

So breaking a trauma bond is really about learning to attach in a *healthy* way.

Instead of becoming emotionally close to those who also:


Us – we learn to seek and form attachments to people who:



While breaking a trauma bond is really best done in a safe therapeutic relationship –

Here are steps you can take to begin this process:


1. Explore your childhood attachments
-Was it safe to share your feelings?
-How did important people show their love to you?

2. What attracted you initially to your current partner?
-Were you in a vulnerable place?
-What made you decide to attach to them?

3. How do you feel in this relationship?
-Is it safe and calming?
-Or is it familiar, yet anxiety-provoking and confusing?

Take time to journal your responses to these questions. Then find a safe person or therapist to dive deeper.

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